The Making of Hong Kong Principals' Institute (HKPI)

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The Hong Kong Principals’ Institute (HKPI) is a professional body of Hong Kong school principals in pursuance of excellence in educational leadership. It is established after an extensive study by a group of dedicated Hong Kong principals, in wide consultation with their fellow principals, academia, educators and local and overseas principal organizations.  HKPI believes that through enhancing educational leadership, it will bring significant and sustained contribution to the education system in Hong Kong.



The HKPI is established with the vision of cultivating excellence in educational leadership based on a set of core educational values and best practices.



The mission of HKPI is to enhance professionalism of the principals, and to promote excellence in leadership and quality school practice for the betterment of education and society at large.

To achieve the mission, the HKPI will:

1.          foster a vibrant learning community of principals of all schools in Hong Kong;

2.          advance the professionalism of its members by providing learning as well as educational service opportunities for them;

3.          advocate professional and ethical practice in educational leadership;

4.          develop a PCF (Principal Capabilities Framework) which sets out the capability requirements of the principals;

5.          promote the study of leadership practice in education;

6.          network with local, national and international principal organizations as well as educational institutions and authorities;

7.          establish connections with other professional bodies in the non-education sectors;

8.          give views on educational policies and

9.          advocate values for social, cultural and educational advancement.



Operating Principles


The endeavors of the HKPI are to be guided by the following underlying principles:

1.    Professional autonomy

The HKPI will maintain professional autonomy.

Its decisions will be made collectively by members. Through members’ active participation in various sub-committees and involvement in the delivery of programs, the HKPI will operate with transparency and input from members.

2.    Accountability and sustainability

The HKPI is to be accountable to the profession and the larger community and thus to support its members in their endeavors to serve their school stakeholders in a responsible manner. It will seek sustainability in its operation and development.  The governance, resources and funding of the PI will follow sound management principles.

3.    Collegiality, collaboration and partnership

The HKPI will abide by the principles of collegiality, collaboration and partnership in all its dealings including professional development     programs and practices.


Interim Organization and Functions

The HKPI is a self-funded charitable institution. It welcomes and invites participation of all Hong Kong principals (whether serving, retired and former) and vice-principals of kindergarten, primary, secondary and special schools in all its events, programs and committee work. It is initially run by a management committee.

Its activities include running mentoring programs for new principals, sharing seminars, professional programs and conferences for principals and vice-principals, carrying out research, and issuing publications and newsletters.

To sustain its operation, the HKPI may collect publication subscription fees and program or conference fees when appropriate, and it also welcomes donations and sponsorship.


The Way Forward

At the present stage of development, the HKPI will focus on addressing three issues: firstly, how to promote its vision and mission and enlist the support of its members; secondly, how to obtain sufficient funding in order to sustain its operations into the future; and thirdly, how to develop the programs and networks capable of enhancing professionalism and leadership quality of principals. The HKPI aims to enlist the support of all principals and vice-principals as members and provide quality training and CPD programs for them.

In conjunction with the above, the HKPI will develop a sound organizational and administrative structure to support its operations. Given the limited financial resources at this early stage, most of its work will be carried out by its members on a volunteer basis, but when HKPI has sufficient funding, it will consider hiring staff to run its day-to-day operation.

As the HKPI develops, it is envisioned that it will become a strong professional voice on educational policies, provides support and advocacy for social, cultural and educational advancement, and also a close partner with the education institutions and authorities in provision of training and CPD programs for principals. 

(Written in April 2013)



Councilors of HKPI Council (2018-2019)


Tan Kang, John 陳岡 - Councilor and Chairman
Chan Yuen Ling, Catalina 陳婉玲 - Councilor and Vice Chairman
Poon Siu Chi, Frederick 潘紹慈 - Councilor and Honorary Treasurer
Chan Wong Lai Kuen, Anissa 陳黃麗娟 - Councilor
Chau Suk Man, Eva 周淑敏 - Councilor
Chen Dion 陳狄安 - Councilor
Fung Man Yi, Wendy 馮敏兒 - Councilor
Ho Sai Mun, Stanley 何世敏 - Councilor
Kwok Yuk Lin, Yvonne 郭玉蓮 - Councilor
Lau Tit Mui, Joanne 劉鐵梅 - Councilor
Ng Yim Ting Alice 吳炎婷 - Councilor
Yeung Chor Kit 楊楚傑 - Councilor
Yeung Po Fung


- Councilor