Programme Plan 2019-2020



18December 2019
Annual General Meeting 2019

17 February 2020
Annual Conference 2019
Keynote Speeches
1. Change Management in the Dynamic Digital World by Mr. Ricky Wong Wai-kay
2. Leading, Learning and Synergising: Creating the Alchemy for Noursihing Teachers’ Intellectual and Professional Capital by Professor Simon Clarke

7 November 2019 – 19 May 2020
Structured Support Programme (Part 1) in 2019/2020 for Newly Appointed Principals of Primary Schools (with CUHK)

November 2019 – June 2020
Learning Circles Programme for Newly Appointed Prnicipals of Kindergartens

November 2019 – June 2020
Learning Circles Programme for Newly Appointed Prnicipals of Secondary Schools

16 December 2019
Lecture: Quality Review under ‘Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme’

27 September – 3 October 2020
Educational Leadership Study Tour in Toronto, Canada

Programme Plan 2017-2018




November 20, 2017

Annual Conference cum AGM 2017

Keynote Speeches

1. Professor Allan Walker

Renewing Leadership: Agility with Purpose

2. Mr Wong Yan Lung, SC

Doing justice with the rule of law; doing justice to the rule of law

Principals’ Capability Framework and Blue Water

January 10, 2018*

Workshop on Principals’ Capability Framework and Blue Water School Leaders’ Professional Development Guide

Dec 2017 – Oct 2018

Review the PCF in the light of ongoing and changing contexts of principals’ professional development, relevant local and international developments and the COTAP review of principals’ qualities


October 2017 -June 2018

Mentoring programme (in partnership with CUHK) for newly appointed principals of primary, secondary and special schools

Feb - March, 2018

Seminar by CUHK Adjunct Associate Professor Lam Sau Hong

April 2018 Seminar on how to implement the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme

PD Programme for Serving Principals with 4-10 Years of Experience#

January 10, 2018* Workshop on Principals’ Capability Framework and Blue Water School Leaders’ Professional Development Guide
Feb 6, 2018 One-day Mentoring and Coaching Skills Training
March – October 2018 Learning Circle Meetings cum Thematic Talks (5)
April / May 2018 Corporate Visit
October 2018 Concluding Sharing & Certificate Presentation


Programme Plan 2016 ~ 2017



November 23, 2016

Annual Conference cum AGM 2016

Keynote Speeches

1. Dr. Li Yuet Ting CBE, JP
Hong Kong Education Now and Then

2. Professor Frederick Ma Si-hang, GBS, JP
People Qualities for Hong Kong

Principals’ Capability Framework and Blue Water

November 23, 2016

Distribution of Blue Water: School Leaders’ Professional Learning Guide – Principals’ Self-assessment Scheme, and 
Anthology: Stories of Professional Growth of School Principals

 February 2017

 Completion of the development of the online version of the Guide

 February 15, 2017

 Workshop on the use of the Guide and the Anthology


October 2016 –  June 2017

Mentoring programme (in partnership with CUHK) for newly appointed principals of secondary schools

November 2016 –June 2017

Mentoring programme for beginning principals of kindergarten and primary schools



Programme Plan 2015 ~ 2016



25 November 2015

I) Annual Conference
II) Keynote Speeches

Mr. Charlie Scudamore "Designing Positive Education" Dr. Victor Kwok-king Fung, GBM, GBS
"Nurturing Our Future Generations to Thrive in the New Global Economy" 

November 2015 – June 2016 Mentoring Programme for 1st year principals of kindergarten, primary, secondary and special schools 

January – April 2016  Development of online version of the Bluewater:
School Leaders’ Self Assessment and Professional Development Guide 

Visit to the School of Creative Media, City Univeristy of Hong Kong 


Publication of the revised HKPI Articles of Association and enrolment of Members for 2016-2017 


Seminar on “Education, Family and Housing in Inequality and Equity” by Professor Yue Chim Richard Wong 


Programme Plan 2014 ~ 2015



25 November 2014

Annual Conference
Keynote Speeches

I) Ms. Marg Warren:
‘Using the Lessons of Leadership to Achieve Results – the Ontario System’

II) The Hon Jasper Tsang Yok Sing, GBS, JP:
‘Citizenship in “One Country, Two Systems”’
Announcement of the start of consultation on the proposed revision of the HKPI Memorandum & Articles (M&A)

December 2014 • Consultation on the proposed revision of the HKPI M&A

December 2014 – June

• Production of ‘A Self‐Reflective Guide to Understanding the PCF’

January – March 2015 • Legal Procedure for Amendment of the HKPI M&A

February 2015

• Half Day Seminar for Kindergartens Principals

April 2015 • Release of Revised HKPI Articles

April 2015

• Annual seminar/Company visit

April 2015

• Shenzhen Vice‐Principals training programme


Programme Plan 2013 ~ 2014



2013 December

First Anniversary Conference

Keynote Speeches:

i)  Prof Alma Harris and Dr. Michelle Jones: Professional Learning Communities in Action: Collaboration with     

ii) Mr Antony Leung: “Macro Trends Affecting Hong Kong and the World and their Impacts on Education

Official Launching of Principals' Capability Framework

2013 December - 2014 Janurary • Distribution of Principals' Capability Framework

2014 Janurary - 2014 April

• Consultation on HKPI Organisation Structure / Membership

2014 March • Educational Visit and Seminar for Kindergarten Principals

2014 April

• Educational Seminar

2014 May • Workshop on Mediation

2014 April - 2014 June

• Drafting of HKPI Constitution

2013 October - 2014 July

• Mentoring Programme for new Secondary, Primary and Special Schools Principals

2014 November / December

• Annual Conference

• Release of HKPI Constitution


Programme Plan 2012 ~ 2013