What is the historical development of the Hong Kong Principals’ Institution (HKPI) ?


The Consultation Paper on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of Principals (February 2002) has set out that a Principal’s Institute (PI) should be set up to plan and coordinate the CPD of principals when the CPD culture has taken root in the profession and the operation of the CPD framework has gained sufficient experience. As such, the Education Bureau set up the Task Force on Setting Up a Principals’ Institute (TFPI) in February 2010 to advise the Permanent Secretary for Education [PS(Ed)] on the establishment of a PI within a timeframe of 18 months. After the submission of a proposal to the EDB in 2011, the TFPI has finished its historical mission. Some of its core members have decided that it is time to set up the HKPI as a limited company and see the new body as a fitting  set-up for the preparatory stage of its development.


Why do we establish a HKPI now?


Since the implementation of the CPD framework in 2002, a culture of professional sharing and peer support characterized by principals supporting fellow principals has begun to take shape. Some experienced principals have taken up the roles of mentors for beginning principals, assessors of the professional development portfolios in the CFP process and speakers or facilitators in professional development programmes for principals. To further optimize the contributions of  experienced principals and continual interactions among principals at different stages of career development, a learning community for principals and vice-principals across schools and levels should be put in place. Hence, we consider it is time to set up a HKPI that sees the enhancement of principals’ and vice-principals’ professional development as its core business.

Roles of HKPI


What is the HKPI?


The HKPI is a professional body for school principals and vice-principals with a vision of educational leadership with an international edge. It aims to further enhance the capabilities and integrity of the principals and vice-principals as school leaders by focusing on professionalization of its members and other related educative agendas. Based on a set of core educational values, ethical standards, guiding principles and good practices, it operates as a collective, dynamic and interactive community that caters for the needs of principals and vice-principals from schools of different backgrounds, modes of operation and levels of study. It is an advocate of positive and moral values for social, cultural and educational advancement and serves as platform for professional dialogue among educational and non-educational community leaders both locally and internationally. It is a body with international connections that aspires to demonstrate comparably high professional standards.


Will the HKPI handle complaints related to the professional conduct of principals and vice-principals?


The HKPI will not handle complaints related to the professional conduct of principals and vice-principals but will draw up a set of guidelines on professional principles and practice for educational leaders. They will make suggestions to the government on policies and practices related to professional leadership in schools.



Who will be the members of the HKPI? Will there be any classification of members?


The HKPI will be operated as a professional community without membership at its initial stage. It is envisaged to be a professional body with virtual membership which is held together by a community spirit which is in turn fostered by the set of shared values and principles as well as good practice. We will, however, organize events and programs and all serving principals and vice-principals of primary, secondary, special schools and kindergartens, retired principals, ex-principals are welcome to participate.


Will membership fee be collected?


No membership fee will be collected at the beginning stage of the HKPI. The HKPI may collect subscription fees for its publications and also programme or conference fees when appropriate.

Source of funding


What are the sources of funding for the HKPI?


The HKPI receive donations and sponsorships and engage in jointly-held programs with tertiary institutions and other organizations.

The relation between the HKPI, the government and the School Councils/ Principals’ Associations


What is the relation between the HKPI and the government?


The HKPI will work with the government whenever and wherever possible and make suggestions to the government on issues related to the CPD of principals and  enhancement of educational leadership.