APCLC-HKPI Monograph Series
2017, No.1 Li Lijuan and Kerry J. Kennedy
   Leadership for Civil Learning in Hong Kong: The Role of School and Community
2016, No.2 Prof. Chiu Chi-sing
  The use of School Data: Leading to Improvement (Chinese written monograph)
2015, No.6 Lijuan Li and Philip Hallinger
  Collaboration as a Mediator in the Relationship between Principal Leadership and Teacher Professional Learning: The Hong Kong Experience 
2015, No.5 Junjun Chen, Gavin T. L. Brown, John A. C. Hattie and Pam Millward
  Teachers’ Conceptions of Excellent Teaching and Its Relationships to Self-reported Teaching Practices
2015, No.4 David Ng Foo Seong
  Instructional Leadership Practices in Singapore
2015, No.3 Philip Hallinger, Theodore Lee and Elson Szeto
  Review of Research on Educational Leadership and Management in Hong Kong, 1995-2012: Topographical Analysis of an Emergent Knowledge Base
2015, No.2 Bruce Barnett
  Giving Children Hope: Implications for Schools ad Leaders
2014, No.2 Bruce Barnett and Howard Stevenson
  International Perspectives on Urban School Leadership
2014, No.1 Neil Dempster, Claire Wyatt-Smith, Greer Johnson, Mary Neville, Peta Colbertz
  Principals Leading Literacy in Secondary Schools
2013, No.3 DIMMOCK Clive
  Bridging the research-policy-practice divide: Emergence of the 'research-engaged' school of the future
2013, No.1 SPILLANE, James P.
  Taking a Distributive Perspective to Diagnosis and Design