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校長參訪活動-高小及中學生涯規劃系列 Principals’ Visits – Senior Primary and Secondary School Life Planning Education Series

Life Planning Education Leadership Series - Visit to the Hong Kong Design Institute

Date: 4th July 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Details & Registration (Deadline for Registration: before 21st June 2023)

In response to the growing need in professional development of school leaders in the area of leading Life Planning Education, HKPI organised a visit to the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) on 4th July, 2023. Participating principals and vice principals learnt how HKDI students and graduates of architectural design, advertising design, visual arts and culture, fashion design, creative media and cloud engineering developed their passion and skills in ways that equip them with the practical know-how demanded by relevant industries in the market.

Participants reflected upon how in secondary and senior primary sectors school leaders can better equip these future HKDI-oriented students with better LPE guidance, improvement in relevant multiple intelligences, not only the obvious visual-spatial intelligence, but also their demonstrated logical thinking (as required in planning design dissemination events and cloud engineering), inter-personal (in collaborating with peers and industries), natural (where Nature-inspired fashion design insights impressed participants), and intrapersonal (eg career discernment between photography and design) intelligences.

All participants were given a handout with a HKPI-developed conceptual framework for LPE visits, linking contents of sharing from the industries’ practitioners or to-be-graduates, to reflection points anout students’ development of intelligences, their learning attitudes, and school’s provision of students’ interests-oriented LPE learning opportunities.